Event DurationEdit

""Event Dates: APR 2 - APR 5""

Includes all XvX Battles between: ""APR 2: Battle 05 APR 5: Battle 06"" Please Note: Event duration is subject to change at any time.

Quick GuideEdit

1. Compete against other X-Teams to earn Battle Points (BP) and improve your Event Ranking. 2. Earn Rewards: The higher your X-Team's Ranking when the Event ends, the better the rewards you will earn. 3. Face the Arch-Villain: BP earned during Ranking Battles will carry-over to AXvX Rankings and improve your chances to earn top prizes.

Event RulesEdit

Compete against other X-Teams in XvX to climb the Arch-Villain Ranking Battles ladder and earn top prizes.

X-Team Ranking RewardsEdit

The total amount of BP earned by your X-Team during the Event will determine your X-Team Ranking (using win/loss record as a tie-breaker). Rewards will be earned based on your X-Team's ranking following Battle 06 on April 5. Tap the ""REWARDS"" button on the Arch-Villain Ranking Battles event page for details. For up to seven (7) days following the end of the event, you will be able to collect your X-Team ranking rewards.

Arch-Villain BattlesEdit

All indications are that an Arch-Villain will be encountered following this event. BP earned during those Arch-Villain Battles will be added to your total BP from the Ranking Battles to determine your final Arch-Villain ranking (using Win/Loss record as a tie-breaker). A Separate set of rewards can be earned based on your X-Team's ranking following the Arch-Villain Battles.