TD Market

Time DiamondsEdit

Time Diamonds (TD) are a valuable commodity which can be earned by participating in XvX Battles, and traded on the intergalactic market for items like Stamina VIals, Recruit Points, Credits, or Recruitment Warps. Items offered in the Time Diamond Market are difficult or impossible to get through normal Mission progression. To access the Time Diamond Market, tap on the Menu button and select Time Diamond Market.

Standard vs. Limited-Time ItemsEdit

Standard Items are always available for exchange, but others have limited availability and/or restrictions on how many you can buy. Be sure to check the Limited Items tab frequently for great deals on special items!

Earning Time DiamondsEdit

Time Diamonds are awarded for XvX Battle participation. Each Battle is a chance to earn great rewards, so don't miss out!

Battle Rewards are paid out as follows:Edit

  • The winning X-Team is rewarded with two (2) Time Diamonds, in addition to Credits and Recruit Points
  • The losing X-Team still earns Credits and Recruit Points, but no Time Diamonds.
  • If the Battle results in a draw, both X-Teams earn one (1) Time Diamond, in addition to Credits and Recruit Points.
  • One (1) additional Time Diamond is awarded for achieving each of the following Combo Chain milestones:
    • Attack Combo to 50
    • Support Combo to 50
    • Support Combo to 100