REAL NAME: Victor Creed

1st APPEARANCE: Iron Fist #14 (1977)

BIO: Victor Creed has been a highly efficient, brutal killer for as long as he can remember - ever since he slaughtered his brother over a piece of pie as a boy. His past is densely intertwined with that of Wolverine, with whom he shares a vicious enmity. Both are savage and animalistic, and both became elite hunters in the Weapon X program.

STATUS: While not present in the decisive battle on Muir Island, Sabretooth has always gladly gone to war alongside the Marauders - a practice that provides ample opportunity to kill for profit. That much became clear on his first such mission, the objective of which was to slaughter the mutant Morlocks, whom Sinister believed to be genetically inferior.

Sabretooth (UR)
Sabretooth Stats