1st APPEARANCE: X-Factor #32 (1988)

BIO: Hailing from Limbo, N'astirh is a manipulative demon with extensive magical power. He was passed over for apprenticeship by the archdemon, in favor of the human Illyana Rasputin (also known as Magik). When Magik deposed the archdemon, N'astirh stole his spellbook and fled Limbo. After many years of study in isolation, he mastered the spellbook, and went on to cause mayhem with the likes of Madeline Pryor and Cameron Hodge.

STATUS: When Magik was struck by William Stryker's Purifiers with a weaponized stepping disk and sucked into Limbo, it was later revealed that N'astirh had returned and masterminded the abduction, intent on obtaining Magik's Soulsword so as to rule all of Limbo.

Nastirh (SR)
N'astirh (SR)