REAL NAME: Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla

1st APPEARANCE: The New Mutants #8 (1983)

BIO: Amara Aquilla is a mutant from Nova Roma, a hidden colony of the Roman Republic buried in the Amazon jungle. Amara's astounding geothermal powers manifested when she was abducted and thrown in a lava pit. Able to control tectonic plates and molten lava, project spheres of white-hot energy, and regenerate while contacting the earth's surface, she became a valuable asset to the X-Men when she was rescued from her predicament by the New Mutants.

STATUS: During the Second Coming event, Moonstar was assigned to the Beta team and sent on a mission to shut down Cameron Hodge's facility, which was producing high-tech anti-mutant weaponry. She was also present at the Golden Gate Bridge, standing with her fellow X-Men against the endless swarm of invading Sentinels.

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