• Valerie112

    Teatv for Mac: Teatv is the best movies app for iOS (iPhone/iPad). If you want to use Teatv on Mac devices like Macbook, Macbook Air, mini then you are at the right place on the web. 

    >>> Download Teatv for Mac

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  • ShinjiTakeyama

    Here's where I'll just link everything that I'm working on.

    Utopia Defender Moonstar (HR)

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  • ShinjiTakeyama
    Utopia Defender Moonstar (HR)
    Level Stats Gain Level Stats Gain
    1 1665 / 1599
    21 2463 / 2759 40 / 58
    22 2503 / 2817 40 / 58
    23 2543 / 2875 40 / 58
    4 1784 / 1773
    24 2583 / 2933 40 / 58
    25 2623 / 2991 40 / 58
    6 1863 / 1889
    26 2663 / 3049 40 / 58
    7 1903 / 1947 40 / 58 27 2703 / 3107 40 / 58
    8 1943 / 2005 40 / 58 28 2743 / 3165 40 / 58
    9 1983 / 2063 40 / 58 29 2783 / 3223 40 / 58
    10 2023 / 2121 40 / 58 30 2823 / 3281 40 / 58
    11 2063 / 2179 40 / 58 31 2863 / 3339 40 / 58
    12 2103 / 2237 40 / 58 32 2903 / 3397 40 / 58
    13 2143 / 2295 40 / 58 33

    14 2183 / 2353 40 / 58 34

    15 2223 / 2411 40 / 58 35

    16 2263 / 2469 40 / 58 36

    17 2303 / 2527 40 / 58 37

    18 2343 / 2585 40 / 58 38

    19 2383 / 2643 40 / 58 39

    20 2423 / 2701 40 / 58 40 3209 / 3862

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  • ShinjiTakeyama

    1 common card used on an HR at level 1 (0/15), gave 250xp, landing it at 4 (116/118); cost = 465 Credits

    1 common card used on an R at level 2 (5/42), gave 250xp, landing it at 5 (18/165)

    1 common card used on the HR at 4 (116/118), gave 250xp, landing it at 6 (83/217)

    1 common card used on the HR at 6 (83/217), gave 250xp, landing it at 7 (116/272)

    1 common card used on the HR at 7 (116/272), gave 250xp, landing it at 8 (94/332) ;cost = 555 Credits

    1 common card used on the HR at 8 (94/332), gave 250xp, landing it at 9 (12/396) ;cost = 570 Credits

    2 common cards used on the HR at 9 (12/396), gave 500xp, landing it at 10 (116/464) ;cost = 585 Credits each

    2 C cards used on the HR at 10 (116/464), gave 525xp, landing it at 11 (177/534);cost = 600 …

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  • ShinjiTakeyama

    Level Tracking

    May 24, 2015 by ShinjiTakeyama

    Hadn't seen a page with this information on it yet, so figured I'd just start tracking Exp requirements per level as I remember to look at the stuff just for fun. 

    I'm still very new to the game though so I don't even really know what the max level is and finding that kind of information here is kinda hard, so I'll just chart it out to level 60 since I'm fairly certain cards get at least that high, even if I don't have any cards that'll reach that tier right now lol

    It might also provide a good opportunity to occasionally record growth amounts for cards that are used during transfusion, but since that's not my primary focus, I'll worry about that later, as well as how much transfusion costs per level/card.

    XP Per Level
    Level To Next Level To N…

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  • Gyzk

    To Rez Or Not To Rez

    July 12, 2014 by Gyzk

    One of the more confusing aspects of being a member of the strike team is when it is appropriate to restore one's HP, henceforth referred to as rezzing (ressurecting).  In fact, a great deal of XvX strategy hinges upon when a player should rez, and the answers to that question are as varied as the situations the team will find itself in.

    However, here is one basic concept that everyone should keep in mind: winning battles is essentially about BP.  Once you knock a team out, you can no longer earn BP through attacks (unless your team is losing, in which case you can continute to attack until the scores become even or your team pulls ahead, at which point attacking becomes impossible.)  Thus, the amount of BP you can earn attacking any given …

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  • Wakemeup89

    gMO và những khó khăn của nhà phát hành gMO (game mobile online) luôn được đánh giá là thị trường đầy tiềm năng với việc dùng điện thoại và các thiết bị di động của người Việt như là vật bất ly thân. Chưa đề cập đến việc phát triển game mobile thuần Việt, chỉ tính riêng việc mua game mobile về phát hành tại Việt Nam thì phân khúc game mobile đã khá “khó nhằn” bởi rất nhiều yếu tố.

    [B]Chọn lựa phân khúc nền tảng di động[/B]

    Tất nhiên gMO không phải chỉ dành riêng cho điện thoại mà chung cho các thiết bị di động. Do đó, vấn đề ở đây là game phải lựa chọn các phân khúc nền tảng để tập trung. Hiện tại ở Việt Nam, do Window Phone còn mới, cộng đồng Symbian lại thường tập trung vào các yếu tố tiện ích hơn giải trí (nhưng cũng hứa hẹn sẽ được các N…

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  • ColleenMorris

    Technology is advancing rapidly, and along with it, companies are becoming more and more creative when it comes to mobile marketing.

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  • Solaric

    Wiki Use

    June 20, 2014 by Solaric

    I just wanted to throw this up to see if anybody is actually using this site.

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  • Onslaught(Assembly)

    Omega Red and Vulcan are both cards I'm looking forward to.

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  • Gyzk

    XvX: A Beginner's Guide

    March 26, 2014 by Gyzk

    There's a lot of information about XvX Battles in the in-game help section, but I find that there are many aspects of the game that just aren't readily understood by brand new-players.  I see the same types of mistakes made again and again by new players - the same mistakes I myself made before experience taught me otherwise.  Hopefully this very basic beginner's guide will allow some players to skip that awkward learning phase.

    An X-team can consist of as many as 20 players.  Of those, only the 5 most powerful players will make up the attack team (often refered to as "strikers.")  These top 5 spots are determined by the total of the players' combined attack + defense stats.

    These 5 players will be responsible for dealing most of the damage …

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  • Gr8Mando

    Hey guys and gals! Myself and a few others have taken it upon ourselves to start a catalog for all of the cards in the game. It's been going well so far, other than some non-cropped cards that I am still working to replace (all my fault). If you'd like to join in building our "trading catalogs" on Line shoot me a message @ Line ID: greatmando

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  • Ngu

    Great Game!

    March 7, 2014 by Ngu

    But even though it is great I really wanted to be able to find a catalogue of all the cards you can get in the game. Sadly this didn't exist until recently. So I have joined in in helping build this catalogue up so anybody can see all the different cards available in the game.

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  • Percy Jackson109

    Fav Marvel Game

    November 23, 2013 by Percy Jackson109

    Ultimate Alliance 2

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  • Soulveiner

    Here's some interesting new development from the game.. as taken from the interview on Inside Mobile Apps :D

    GREE and Marvel Entertainment have released the first details concerning X-Men: Battle of the Atom, an upcoming mobile card battle game on iOS and Android. The game has been developed as part of the X-Men 50th anniversary celebration, and it will be released alongside the Battle of the Atom comic book event later this fall.

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom will feature both single and multiplayer card battles, as players collect a variety of mutants from X-Men’s past, present and future, and battle villains, including some that may never have been seen before.

    Inside Mobile Apps had a chance to talk to Marvel’s Interactive Manager, Chris Bake…

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    X-men Stories

    August 8, 2013 by ΚΟΜΙΞ

    The game will feature X-stories so I believe it's good to have them here at wiki! An article for each X-story will be created. (for these that the game will feature!)

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    Game Relationships

    August 8, 2013 by ΚΟΜΙΞ

    At the ISG site we found out this The team is so passionate about X-Men, there are even buffs for individual character relationships: Put Cyclops and Jean Grey together, you’ll get something speaking to their romantic relationship. At the same time, Wolverine with Jubilee will provide a buff based on their friendship. The developers even have these lined up for the most obscure characters, like for the strong friendship between Anole and Rockslide. (It’s okay if you’re never heard of them – I won’t judge you.)

    As you can see the new game will have relationship feature and maybe this will be judging what X-adventures you will have. What's your opinion about this?

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    What do you more from the new X-men game to have? More events, big battles? Nice stories or visual effects? What do you want from the new X-game?

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    At the Inside Social Games you can read an interview of Chris Baker about the game of the Battle of the Atom!! Here is the link He says that many big X-events will be featured at the new game. Also the new game will have updates and a feature called  Allaince. What do you think of this?

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