REAL NAME: Blake Schiel

1st APPEARANCE: Battle of the Atom #1 (2013)

BIO: Blake Schiel grew up in an abusive home in Phoenix, Arizona, where she learned violence at an early age from watching her parents fight. As a young woman, she walked a criminal path that culminated in a bank robbery. She was caught and incarcerated, but broke out when her mutant ability to conjure extra-dimensional monsters manifested in prison.

STATUS: Dubbing herself Animax, Blake hit the streets and rampaged against the world she felt had wronged her with her newfound powers. She was the first threat that the displaced original X-Men responded to, under the supervision of Kitty Pryde -- but the field mission was interrupted by a Sentinel attack that almost resulted in young Scott Summers' death.

Animax SR
Animax HR
Animax Stats