1st APPEARANCE: Gambit and the X-Ternals #2 (1995)

BIO: Raza Longknife (translated from his native language) hails from a warrior culture that staged a final stand against the Shi'ar empire and lost. A lethal fighter with extensive cybernetic enhancements, Raza was captured and enslaved by the Shi'ar, but fought his way to freedom with fellow slaves Corsair, Ch'od, and Hepzibah -- who went on to found the Starjammers.

STATUS: The Starjammers teamed with the X-Ternals to find the M'Kraan Crystal, hoping to keep it out of the Shi'ar Emperor D'Ken's hands. His attempts to control the Crystal's power had destabilized it, placing all of reality in danger. Thanks to the combined efforts of the two teams, Gambit and Deathbird were successful in stealing a shard of the Crystal.

X-Ternals Raza Longknife SR Stats
X-Ternals Raza Longknife SR