REAL NAME: Guido Carosella

1st APPEARANCE: Generation Next #1 (1995)

BIO: Guido Carosella is a member of Gambit's X-Ternals, a group of mutant thieves that steals from Apocalypse's regime in order to help the needy. His ability to absorb kinetic energy and convert it into incredible levels of strength makes him a formidable teammate -- but thanks to an affair between Gambit and the love of his life, it's not entirely clear how deep Guido's allegiances run.

STATUS: Hounded by Madri, the X-Ternals journeyed to the Shi'ar galaxy to steal a shard from the M'Kraan Crystal, said to be the nexus of all realities. Once they'd safely transported the shard back to Earth, Guido revealed himself as a spy for Apocalypse, stealing the shard and leaving the X-Ternals in the lurch.

X-Ternals Guido SR
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