REAL NAME: Remy Le'Beau

1st APPEARANCE: X-Men: Alpha #1 (1995)

BIO: An orphaned street urchin turned master thief, Gambit can supercharge objects with kinetic energy. He split with the Thieves Guild of New Orleans when its leader, Candra, joined Apocalypse's regime during his rise to power. He later joined the X-Men, but ultimately parted ways with them too, when the love of his life Rogue chose Magneto over him. Now he leads a team of mutant thieves called the X-Ternals.

STATUS: On a mission to steal the M'Kraan Crystal, the nexus to all realities, Gambit learned that the Age of Apocalypse was never meant to exist -- and that the universe was collapsing as a result. The only chance to save it was to return to Earth with a Crystal shard, and use it to send Bishop back in time to stop Legion from killing his father.

X-Ternals Gambit ER Stats
X-Ternals Gambit ER