1st APPEARANCE: Gambit and the X-Ternals #2 (1995)

BIO: A member of the amphibious Saurid race, Ch'od hails from the Shi'ar planet Timor and possesses superhuman physical traits. Once a Shi'ar slave, Ch'od rebelled against his captors when his fellow slave Corsair broke free. The fugitives founded the Starjammers -- a band of pirates devoted to toppling Emperor D'Ken. Despite his ferocity in battle, Ch'od is a gentle, caring, and well-spoken individual.

STATUS: In order to keep D'Ken from controlling the M'Kraan Crystal, the Starjammers agreed to help the X-Ternals steal it. The unlikely alliance faced down seemingly insurmountable odds, and was ultimately successful in stealing a shard of the Crystal.

X-Ternals Ch'od SR
X-Ternals Ch'od 3-5 evo