1st APPEARANCE: X-Men: Battle of the Atom (Game,2014)

BIO: Emma Frost has played many roles in her life -- from villain, to hero, and everything in between. As such, she's developed a nuanced perspective of right and wrong. But after playing the role of a Goddess when the Phoenix chose her as a vessel, Emma lost faith in the man she loved, as well as the idea that humans would ever come around to accepting mutants among them.

STATUS: That faith would be further shattered when the first mutant President was assassinated in the future. By that point, Emma's diamond form had degraded into graphite, her skin not quite as hard but able to conduct energy capable of melting metal. Fed up with pacifist hyperbole she felt amounted to lip service, she took up the Brotherhood's cause and became known as 'the Carbon Queen'.

Future Emma Frost ER
Future Emma Frost Stats