REAL NAME: [Unpronounceable By the Human Tongue]

1st APPEARANCE: X-Men #107 (1977)

BIO: Hepzibah originally hails from a small planet in the far reaches of the Shi'ar Empire. A member of the alien Mephitisoid species, she possesses enhanced physical prowess, retractable claws, and mind-altering pheromones. As a one-time fixture of the Starjammers intergalactic enforcement squad, her adventures intersected with those of the X-Men on multiple occasions - so when she became stranded on Earth, joining the team seemed a natural progression.

STATUS: Hepzibah was later assigned to Cyclops' secret X-Force team. During the search for the Mutant Messiah, she defended the X-Mansion from corrupted O*N*E Sentinels, and fought Lady Deathstrike's Reavers on the Alaskan tundra.

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Black Ops X-Force Hepzibah HR Stats