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• 11/27/2017

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• 6/12/2016

Game over?

Why did the game go away?
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• 6/15/2015

Do you pay x-coins once to unlock a level of the siege perilous or each time you enter?

Intested to know if this is a one time fee or each time you enter a level?
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• 4/16/2014

Bonuses for cards

Does anyone know how much the bonuses affect the cards stats? (team bonus etc.) I am trying to find out the percentages for each bonus and build a table for each one.
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• 3/27/2014

Android Release

So i have a nook with google play but i cant find bota, is the android release only for phones?
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• 3/26/2014

Site navigation

Just posted a blog.  It's really more of an article, but I didn't know how to create it as such. 
For that matter, I see that Gr8mando has been creating lots of team pages lately, but is there a link somewhere with a list of all articles/pages so that browsing the site would be easier?  From the main page, all that's really available are some videos, a poll, and some articles mostly written before the game was even released.  How does one browse through the newer stuff?
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• 3/6/2014

New Team: Alpha X

Started a new team because I play this game nonstop and none of my team members were participating in any kind of battles or events. Looking to recruit level 50 and higher active players. My team can rank up fast if everyone participates. Submit applications for review.
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• 2/20/2014

This Site

Is this site just starting or is it dead?
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• 2/19/2014

Card Catalog

How do we start a card catalog with pics?
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• 2/14/2014

Editing/Unlocking Recommended Squad Card

I have two cards I want to transfuse that both got placed in my recommended squad and nothing I do to try and unlock the one I want to fuse with the other. Does anyone know how to remove someone from the recommended squad to unlock them for use in transfusion?
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• 1/18/2014

Fusing two rare storm headmistress cards.....

i cant do it???? why not please help
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• 1/11/2014

New X-Men:Battle of the Atom game forum

There's a new dedicated X-Men: Battle of the Atom game forum!
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• 12/16/2013

Story Progress

How far has everyone managed to get in Story Missions? I've only been to beat Wolverine so far, now working through Rachel (about 1/2 way through now).
Based on player levels in some guilds it seems like people have gotten pretty far... Maybe I should have put some stat points into stam... :P
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• 9/5/2013


From the interview i read, alliances will be in groups of 20. I will be working hard to get a group of players that want to play serious and take a head start in the game. Using LINE and getting trade routes set up early will give us an amazing advantage, let me know if you are intereteed :)
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• 9/2/2013

Release Date

Hey Komix, 
Is there any word on the release date of this game. I last saw that it was September, and I would be keen to keep up with the play for when it comes out.
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• 8/7/2013

Setting Up

Hey Komie (is that correct), I am not sure what your knowledge is, so you may know most of this.
As mentioned, its hard to set things up when don't know what the format is going to be. But based on the WoH site, you will have a card template that will display the cards details. You will also have a card form that can be used to input all the fields.
The biggest thing with those is getting the layout correct, and the background data correct, but should be fairly easy.
You then have Categories and Properties.
Categories help define (& categorise) the page more, and properties help when using queries to pull back data.
As mentioned, I am happy to help out on this site, and I imagine that my alliance may migrate over to this game early to see what it is like.
My biggest thing is I don't have a lot of time but I will do what I can.
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